1.5L {32}
1.6L DOHC {32}
1.6L SOHC Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.8L DOHC 4 Cyl. Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.8L SOHC 4 Cyl. Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.8L V6 Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.0L Diesel {1}
2.0L DOHC (MX-6, MX3, Protege & 626) {32}
2.0L DOHC (Tribute) Replace Every 90,000 Miles
2.0L SOHC Gasoline Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.2L Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.3L 4 Cyl. Inspect Every 60,000 Miles: Replace Every 120,000 Miles
2.3L V6 (1995-2000) {32}
2.3L V6 (2001-02) Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.5L 4 Cyl. Inspect At 120,000 Miles & Replace As Necessary
2.5L V6 {32}
3.0L DOHC Replace Every 60,000 Miles
3.0L SOHC {21}{32}
1.5L Free-Wheeling
1.6L Free-Wheeling
1.8L 4 Cyl. Free-Wheeling
1.8L V6 Free-Wheeling
2.0L Diesel Interference
2.0L DOHC (626, MX-6 & Protege) Interference
2.0L DOHC (Tribute) Free-Wheeling
2.0L SOHC Free-Wheeling
2.2L Interference
2.3L 4 Cyl. (B2300) Free-Wheeling
2.3L V6 Free-Wheeling
2.5L 4 Cyl. (B2500) Free-Wheeling
2.5L V6 Free-Wheeling
3.0L DOHC Interference
3.0L SOHC Interference

(1) – Manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval.

(21) – On 1989-98 MPV 3.0L models, at 60,000 miles inspect the tensioner pulley & replace as necessary. A worn inner bushing may allow the pulley to slant resulting in a torn or jumped belt.

(32) – On 1993-96 models, replace every 60,000 miles. On 1997-2006 inspect at 60,000 miles, then again at 90,000 miles. It is recommended but not required, but it should be replaced at 105,000 miles.

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