1.0L {28}
1.3L {28}
1.4L {1}
1.5L Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2004-07 Aveo) Inspect Every 30,000 Miles; Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2008 Aveo) Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (2009-10 Aveo) Replace Every 100,000 Miles
1.6L (Except Aveo& Tracker) Replace Every 60,000 Miles
1.6L (Tracker) Replace Every 60,000 Miles: Inspect Every 90,000 Miles Thereafter
1.8L Diesel {1}
1.8L Gasoline {1}
2.0L {1}
2.2L Diesel Replace Every 60,000 Miles
2.3L {1}
3.0L (Catera) {29}
3.0L (Saturn) Replace Every 100,000 Miles
3.2L (Cadillac CTS) Replace Every 96 Months or 100,000 Miles
3.4L {50}
3.5L (Saturn Vue) {6}
1.0L Interference
1.3L Interference
1.4L Free-Wheeling
1.5L Interference
1.6L (Chevette & 1000) Free-Wheeling
1.6L (LeMans) Free-Wheeling
1.6L (Tracker 16 Valve) Interference
1.6L DOHC (Aveo) Interference
1.6L DOHC (Nova) Free-Wheeling
1.6L SOHC (Nova) Free-Wheeling
1.8L Diesel Interference
1.8L Gasoline Free-Wheeling
2.0L Free-Wheeling
2.2L Diesel Interference
2.3L Free-Wheeling
3.0L Interference
3.2L Interference
3.4L Free-Wheeling
3.5L Free-Wheeling

(1) – Manufacturer does not recommend a specific maintenance interval.

(6) – Normal Service Every 100,000 Miles; Severe Service Every 50,000 Miles.

(28) – Inspect at 60,000 mile intervals. Replace every 100,000 miles if not previously changed.

(29) -Under normal operating conditions replace every 100,000 miles. If driven without engine coolant heater & under ambient temperatures of -20°F or less, then inspect at 15,000 mile intervals & replace every 60,000 miles. Use Tech II scan tool or equivalent to reset cold start counter.

(50) -Inspect at 30,000 mile intervals, replace at 60,000 mile intervals.

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