Drivers beware; we have apparently reached a point in automotive history where the bottom line is more important than the safety of drivers, their passengers and pedestrians. No more morality, no more social conscience; just say anything to make money. Read More


Although I’ve been working on and teaching how to work on cars for over thirty years I still sometimes make goofy mistakes, at least from the standpoint of wasting time. Read More


Is your maintenance schedule optimistic or pessimistic? Optimism in general is great but pessimistic maintenance keeps cars running long and strong. In other words plan for the worst and hope for the best. Use the wrong maintenance schedule and bad things happen. Read More


They’re expensive, they’re used way too often and unless you’re a saint you’ve probably used one or two yourself. “They” are outdated or flawed automotive terms. Some were once acceptable while others never were anything but urban legend. No matter their origin they do only one thing, waste money! Read More


Everyone screams about gas prices but few do sensible things to lower their costs. Recently a guy came into my shop complaining that his car was getting 14 mpg instead of its rated 26 mpg. A short, scary ride told the story. The car ran like garbage and the driver was a certifiable maniac. Read More


Drivers need to be on their guard to avoid wallet-bashing, misinformation from Internet pranksters and knuckleheads or water cooler car-guru wannabes. Read More


Don’t you hate that your mind is always being dominated by thoughts of all the stresses on your tires as you drive? Yeah right; if that’s true you’re probably either a tire engineer or one very strange person. Actually, most drivers are completely oblivious to their tires until they have a problem. I guess their theory is as long as tires turn they’re okay. But when their neglect causes premature wear, a flat or heaven forbid, a blowout, all hell breaks lose! How could this happen? If you consider tires simply as round, black, rubber donuts you might be interested to know that today’s tires are actually highly engineered assemblies made up of hundreds of components and compounds. Read More


Although we’ve had virtually no snow and not much ice there is still the possibility we could. If it happens there is one highly important but very misunderstood factor about driving on snow and ice you should know. All modern cars have ABS brakes and they’re a great help to keep cars from skidding. ABS brakes are a major safety feature that allows a car to be steered around obstacles during panic stops. Read More


Although it may sound like a strange question, is what you expect from your repair shop reasonable? Today’s highly computerized cars mean you may need a new set of expectations that are more modern and better fit today’s complex repairs. Read More


Modern automatic transmissions can be traced back to 1904 when the Sturtevant brothers of Boston developed a clunky, inefficient, failure-prone centrifugal gearbox. An inauspicious beginning and nothing like today’s transmissions which shift smoothly, deliver great fuel economy and exceptional durability. However, the sophistication of today’s transmissions means repairing or replacing a broken one now costs more than a whole fleet of cars did back in 1904. Transmission repair or replacement can be mind-numbing expensive these days. Read More