November 30 Before Paint Shop

November 30 Driveshaft

November 30 driveshaft before repair


December 5 It’s mobile! Well almost…

December 13 Reassembly has begun!

November 30 Waiting for Paint


November 30 Paint is Progressing

December 16 It’s I-Day


They’re expensive, they’re used way too often and unless you’re a saint you’ve probably used one or two yourself. “They” are outdated or flawed automotive terms. Some were once acceptable while others never were anything but urban legend. No matter their origin they do only one thing, waste money! Read More

How Does a Basic Emission Control System Work?

Basic Emission Control Systems and What They Do Automotive-generated pollutants come from three sources: tailpipe, crankcase blowby vapors and fuel vapors that evaporate from the fuel tank and carburetor. Crankcase blowby vapors are eliminated as a source of pollution by recirculating the vapors into the engine for reburning through the Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system. Read More

Coolant Test

Fall usually follows summer and precedes winter which might happen again this year. In case it does now is the best time to get your car ready for cold weather. Procrasting by waiting until the first prediction of a hard freeze means you may have a long wait — get sub-par work and pay more. The checkup begins with engine coolant which for decades was tested by sucking some coolant into a turkey baster looking device with floating balls or discs inside. That’s a hydrometer and it tells how cold it can drop before your engine freezes. Freeze protection still needs to be tested but if that’s the only test the technician does — politely say thank you and take your car to a real shop. Today’s coolants are different and so is the way they’re tested. In addition to checking freeze protection it’s important to perform a PH Test. Which tells how corrosive coolant is. Many coolants age gracefully and become dangerously acidic. It doesn’t take a chemistry degree to visualize what acid would do to a cooling system. The lower the PH the more acidic and damaging your coolant is. Don’t play the numbers here. Wheen coolant PH drops out of spec flush the system and install the proper new coolant for your car. Remember one size does not fit all! © Copyright 09/05/13 Pat Goss all rights reserved