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Three times this week I’ve heard the same silly statement from three separate drivers about noises their cars were making. Each driver said that a noise was annoying, so they turned up their radios and went into ignore mode. There was a time when I would have thought this was just the punch line to a sick joke but over the years, I’ve learned some people actually do it! Please don’t it could be dangerous or lead to a giant expense. Ignoring noises can lead to serious damage to the car or in some cases accidents and even death.

The proper thing to do is not turn the radio up or ignore the noise but instead turn the radio down and pay close attention to the noise. Then, head immediately to your favorite shop. If the noise gets noticeably worse on the way, stop and have the car towed. Towing is usually much cheaper than what might happen if a part fails and takes out other parts with it or causes an accident!

Unless you absolutely know what’s going on and what the consequences are don’t be human and rationalize, it’s just one more block or it’s just one more mile to the shop because you could be in for an ugly surprise. Many times when you push a noisy part till it totally fails it damages other parts. A good example of that is the engine’s water pump. The water pump circulates coolant between the engine and the radiator to keep the engine from getting too hot. Often when water pumps fail it’s due to a bad bearing which makes a rumbling noise under the hood. As the bearing gets worse so does the noise which can be loud. Such was the case this week with one of the drivers that cranked up his radio. This sad and awfully expensive story began with a failing water pump bearing that was begging for help by making an annoying grinding noise. As luck would have it the young man who owned the car had a bit of a dilemma, a serious cash flow problem. He didn’t have any money and without the car he couldn’t get to work to earn the money needed to fix his car. So, he did what every red-blooded young person would do, he turned up the volume on his radio, actually he was streaming to his Bluetooth adapter feeding his head unit playing through his amp but, same thing, music covers engine noise every time. As the noise got louder the music got louder until one day, he knew he had to get it fixed but less than a mile from my shop his car lurched, made a horrifying noise and stopped dead in its tracks.

The water pump had seized as in, metal parts getting so hot they melted and welded themselves together, two pieces of metal became one. And because this water pump was driven by his timing belt the pump seizure snapped the timing belt. This set a catastrophic chain of events in motion as valves hit pistons breaking one valve and shattering a piston! Bye, bye little engine.

Don’t ignore noises in your car unless you know they aren’t dangerous to you or your bank account. In this case loud music to cover up a noise and the driver’s “ignore mode” cost an extra thirty-five hundred dollars. And, he still had to buy a water pump for his new engine! Thanks for reading, please subscribe to Goss’ Garage on you tube, follow us on Facebook and for more car tips, tricks and money saving ideas visit goss dash garage dot com. Drive gently, see you next time right here in Goss’ Garage.

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