Pissed Off

Okay, I’ve done it again. I’ve pissed off a bunch of you self righteous, think you know it all car people! But then, I seem to have a knack for doing that lately. Like David who called my story about using the proper oil “pathetic”. He says and I quote “good, better and best. Are you kidding? If an engine block is made of iron you use conventional, if the block is aluminum you use synthetic.” That’s so utterly ridiculous that I thought it was a prank, but he was serious / called me pathetic. There actually are three general quality-levels of engine oil and they have nothing to do with what metal the engine is made of. Conventional which is good, synthetic blend which is better than conventional, and full synthetic which gives the best protection — good — better — best. Although he was totally wrong he was nasty and disrespectful. Oh well, then there were the folks who are in love with the oil that begins with “a-m” who showed all kinds of hate because i didn’t use a bottle of their oil. Hey “a-m” oil people do you really think nasty comments and threats will make me recommend your oil in the future? I guarantee it won’t!

Oh, and let’s not forget those nasty, non-thinking people who trashed my tire rotation video…what a mess. Seems i’m an idiot, moron, fool, fake, and a criminal. A criminal? Really? Come on folks, it’s just tire rotation! There is an old myth about tires that says you can’t switch a radial tire from one side of the car to the other side because the tire will turn in the opposite direction, which will cause it to blow out and possibly kill you. One nut-job even said I ought to be put in jail for endangering people’s lives. Anyway, about that myth, it started back in the seventies when Firestone had an issue with internal corrosion of the steel belts in one of their tire models. The belts corroded and ultimately caused tire failure. But, because rotating the tires did cause the already weakened belts to separate more quickly most people assumed rotation was the cause. Although this myth has been proven wrong time and time again it still lives on in the minds of drivers and technicians alike. But, it’s false and always has been false, it was a tire issue not a rotation issue. So, if you want to get the longest life out of your tires rotate them using the modified “x” pattern every six thousand to seventy-five hundred miles. On front wheel drive cars move the right rear to the left front, the left rear to the right front and the two fronts move to the back but on the same side of the car, the rear wheel drive pattern is reversed. No, this is not my idea it’s from the people who make tires. So, use your brain, think about it, if rotation causes huge numbers of tire failures and kills people do you really think tire manufacturers would recommend it? Yeah, didn’t think so. All this insanity begs two questions. Why is common sense no longer common and when did people become so damn mean and hateful? For more car tips, tricks and money saving ideas check out more of www.goss-garage.com.

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Chris Ross said:

April 18, 2017 at 1:58 pm

Pat; The last few months you have repeatedly referred to listeners, drivers, owners, mechanics, and parts people as idiots, morons, fools, asses,etc. Lately you just sound like a grumpy old man who sees others as fools and morons! It is NOT funny you are doing harm to your show and reputation.
I don’t think you realize how you are being perceived by the general public. This language would have NOT been tolerated on Motorweek with PBS!!
We do not tune in to hear all of this negative Rant & Rage you seem to enjoy each week. Practice some humility, after all you are NOT perfect either!! Putting others down does not elevate you and what people really want is good sound advice, not that there are a few fools in the world, we already know that. Chris.

Randy Hammett said:

May 18, 2017 at 4:36 pm

If you don’t like what Mr. Goss has to say, pay him no heed. No need to be nasty. Personally I found his advice to be most helpful and look forward to his spot on Motorweek. Keep up the great work.

May 31, 2017 at 3:04 am

Fantastic response really love someone who tells it the way it is and you are absolutely 100% Factually true in what you say

May 31, 2017 at 3:06 am

By the way what would it take to Secure a position as an employee with you guys. I have 30 years experience in the business. Love to submit a resume if you’ll except it

Chris Costello said:

June 4, 2017 at 10:28 pm

Pat don’t let these peoples comments get to you. I own a 1994 jeep cherokee and because of you it runs like new. I watch your videos and take your advice seriously. You are very knowledgeable and wize when it comes to the automotive world. I thank you.

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