Pat’s Perspective – The Three Types of Oil

I get lots of synthetic oil questions like, can I put synthetic in an older car? Yes, Absolutely. Most cars can be changed over to synthetic at any time. A.J says, I read on the internet that synthetic oil will keep my new car from breaking in properly. FALSE. If that were true, there would be thousands of new cars that were factory filled with synthetic oil that never broke in properly. Sue asks, can I use synthetic oil in a high mileage car? Sure can! Pete says, I’ve heard that synthetic oil causes cars to leak? That’s bull, use common sense. If synthetic oil caused leaks it wouldn’t be put in new cars and wouldn’t be sold. But sadly, common sense is rapidly becoming extinct. There are three basic oil types, Conventional, Synthetic blend, and full synthetic…or good, better, and best.

Conventional oil provides adequate protection, blends offer better protection and full synthetic provides the best protection. How many miles you want out of your engine determines which oil to use. If you only want warranty protection, use conventional. But, for longer engine life use a synthetic blend and for longest engine life, use full synthetic. Using full synthetic oil and changing at vehicle manufacturer intervals can double…triple…or even quadruple engine life. Also, if your car requires full synthetic…never user a lesser type, and never leave any oil in your engine longer than your owners manual allows.

Drive Gently! – Pat Goss

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January 21, 2017 at 8:43 am

Well I’ve used synthetic oil ever since Mobile1 introduced synthetic. I’ve used synthetic oil in my 3006 Avalon since day 1.When I sold it the car only had 137,000 on the engin. The car ran and performed like new to me. I would recommend you use synthetic oil, ifs worth the extra money for added security. All so keeping you engine clean will help also. This main the strength of you rubber hoses. Till this very I hadn’t changed a hose on the Avalon.

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