Smooth Ride

Complaints about cars shaking at speed have increased ten- fold in the last few years mostly due to new suspension designs. Today tires wheels and suspensions are designed to work as an integrated system. But this only works when tire and wheel assemblies are perfectly round and roll smoothly. So tires must be properly balanced and must not have excessive rolling resistance. If a tire has a hard spot in its tread it will never roll smoothly no matter how many times it’s balanced.

The secret to making a tire roll smoothly is offsetting the imperfections in the tire to the imperfections in the wheel using a process called match mounting. Never heard of it? Neither have many technicians. Match mounting involves rotating the tire on the wheel so the high or heavy spot of the tire is matched to the low or light spot of the wheel. This requires a balancing machine that measures these factors and checks for stiff spots in the tire’s tread. The machine tells the technician how to rotate the tire around the wheel for smoothest ride.

So before spending money on an old-school run-of- the-mill wheel-balancing job remember you’ll get a smoother ride if you seek out a high-tech hunter road force balancer.

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