Power To Weight

When buying a car most drivers look for more power but they rarely consider two even more iportant performance factors. Just buying horsepower doesn’t guarantee a great feeling or performing car. More important are — – power to weight ratio and torque. Power to weight ratio has a huge effect on how a car performs.

The more power you have relative to the weight of the vehicle the better it will perform. High performance cars are usually very light with big engines so they have a high power to weight ratios.

A high performance engine in a light weight sports car makes it go like stink but put the same engine into a giant eighteen wheeler and it would be lucky to even move the big beast. Turn that around and put the semi engine in the sports car and it would literally tear the car apart so there are limits. Within the class of car you’re looking at you want a high power to weight ratio not just high horsepower. In some cases a better power to weight ratio will also mean better fuel economy because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move the car. Also consider torque which is the twisting force needed to get the car moving. More torque makes the car feel better during acceleration. Also the lower the rpm where the highest torque number occurs the stronger the car will feel. Thought you might like to know.

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