Clean Cars

You’ll feel better about driving a clean car plus good looking cars are always worth more money. Part of what makes a car feel old is the general layer of crud that builds up over time. Let the car go too long and it may be nearly impossible to make it look good again. It’s fun to watch someone as they see their cruddy car for the first time after it has been detailed. Some drivers don’t even recognize their own car because it looks so different cleaned up.

Cars should be kept clean from the get go which means washed at least once every month. But proper washing is vital to prevent paint damage. Never wash a car in the sun which can cause permanent paint damage. Always use car wash soap never use any type of household detergent or cleaner on a car. Household products can leave the paint looking dull and lifeless long before it should. Some household cleaners can also cause a milky appearance in the clear-coat.

Even the applicator has to be right which means you may want to think twice before using a sponge on your car. The pores in sponges are closed on the back side so they can trap dirt particles inside them. Once trapped the dirt rubs against the surface of the paint as you wash causing fine scratches. The proper way to wash a car is with a deep pile wash mitt which isn’t as likely to trap dirt particles and scratch the paint.

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Jerry Walter said:

August 8, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Would you recommend a couple of auto detail shops to get my vehicle detailed at?

Thank you,


Marcy said:

August 30, 2016 at 10:56 am

Hi Jerry:

Unfortunately, all of the good shops I used to deal with (well 3 or 4) have been sold and I am no longer comfortable referring people to them.


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