headlights on my 1989 convertible “stick” when I open or close them

Q. The headlights on my 1989 convertible “stick” when I open or close them. Is there a point where they should be lubricated? I checked the obvious wiring connections to make sure that they are not loose. Could the “sticking” be the result of a bad relay? How can I tell if the motors are bad? I appreciate all help/advise that I can get.

A. Begin by checking the motors themselves. They work through a moveable armature with contacts on either end. When the light reaches the end of its travel it causes the armature to move which in-turn opens contacts inside the motor and it stops running. In many cases we find the motors are out of adjustment so the armatures don’t move properly to prime them for the opposite rotation.

Another common problem is worn joints in the linkage. This allows the moving parts to ride over-center and they bind.

Bottom line check adjustment of motors and linkage, lubricate everything that moves and check the motors themselves. Once you get into it and see how it’s supposed to work it will make a lot more sense.

Originally posted on National Corvette Owner’s Association newsletter http://www.nationalcorvetteowners.com/


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