Holiday parking lots men are more likely to keep others waiting and hit cars

Now news and views. This week a survey from car insurance dot com found that in crowded holiday parking lots men are more likely to keep others waiting and hit cars — people and poles. Sorry guys! Michelle megna managing editor of car insurance dot com says when someone is waiting to take a spot being vacated forty percent of women hurry up but only twenty five percent of men pick up the pace. More men than women hit objects — touch another driver and give a hand gesture. But both sexes are choosy about who they park near said megna. A quarter of drivers avoid parking next to cars with body damage while sixteen percent avoid suvs and eleven percent avoid cars with toys and safety seats. While holiday shoppers may know exactly what gifts they need — their knowledge of the role car insurance plays in parking lot incidents is seriously lacking. According to the survey only thirty nine percent correctly chose liability insurance as the coverage that pays for damage to the other driver’s car in an at-fault accident. Only thirty eight percent knew that collision coverage pays when you damage your own car. And when it comes to having gifts stolen from a parked car, only twenty percent knew that homeowners or renters insurance not car insurance pays. So watch out for male drivers in the parking lots as you hit the malls for your holiday shopping. Read more at car insurance dot com. We’ll be right back.


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