My tests are very different than most as I don’t care how fast a car can go around a corner, if it is two-tenths of a second faster to sixty or how well it does at the track because I don’t take my cars to the track. Actually I don’t consider performance at all unless it is so bad the vehicle can not be recommended. Only you can determine what meets your performance expectations. My tests deal with practical aspects of long-term vehicle ownership including the difficulty of performing basic services which are becoming very costly on some models.

Although I give some subjective ratings (5 excellent, 1 poor) it is best that you spend seat time in the vehicle because what I like you might hate. A good way to become really acquainted with a vehicle without buying it is to rent the same car for a weekend and drive it under lots of different conditions. Never buy a car in the rain. Never buy a car without a road test and inspection of the actual car you will drive home. In other words just road testing a demonstrator is not acceptable as not two cars are exactly alike.

I also do not compare vehicles to others of a different class and I do not set a standard above what the car was designed to provide. For instance, I don’t compare the ride and handling of an entry-level vehicle to an upscale prestige model. For more help in buying the right car visit our buying help section.

Drive Gently — Pat Goss.

 Reminder: 5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor





2009 Jaguar XF